Sunday, January 15, 2012

This weekend we have been staying at Woodlawn United Methodist Church and getting to know the community of Woodlawn.  Tonight, our last night in Woodlawn, our discussion centered around these questions that we came up with to reflect upon what we have learned thus far:

1) What do the young people of Woodlawn have to say about it?
2) How can we/should we return to a 19th century concept of community in a deeply fragmented 21st century world?
3) What's our place?
4) As an outsider, how can I help?
5) What can individuals do?
6) How can I reconcile my personal ambitions with the poverty I'm experiencing?
7) Is it disrespectful to enter a community as non-community members with the intentions of making a change?  How is this viewed by the community?
8) What would it look like to form intentional communities of diversity?
9) As individuals, a city, a state, a country, etc.  How do we deal with racism?
10) Does arbitrary separation of communities in Birmingham adding to the separation of people, thus becoming more of a problem?
11) Where is the evidence to support what we're doing so that the change we want to implement will happen?

Through our discussions we did not come up with answers, but rather more questions.  However, voicing our opinions and talking through things that had been on our minds helped us to come to some sort of closure as the weekend ends.

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